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« Deception Pilot (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) Scandal ruins the career of a magician, who must turn to the FBI to practice his art as he uses numerous tricks, as well as new ones, to help the government.
For the People Pilot (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) Six talented young lawyers face one another in trials as they work for both the defense and the prosecution in order work on high-stakes cases.
40/29 News at 10 (New) The day's major news events and late-breaking stories are presented by the 40/29 News Team, along with the latest weather update and tomorrow's forecast.
Modern Family Under Pressure (HD, TV-PG) The high school open house is putting the parents on edge when Claire finds the pressure too much for her to handle and Gloria encounters a 'mean girl' mom.
Rizzoli & Isles Two Shots: Move Forward (HD, TV-14) In the aftermath of the shooting, members of the team do their best to investigate the matter as they attempt to locate Alice Sands.
Bob's Burgers Mutiny on the Windbreaker (HD, TV-PG) Bob brings the family along when he is hired to be a chef on a docked cruise ship, so they can see his skills outside the restaurant.
40/29 News at 9 on the AR CW (New)
Seinfeld The Handicap Spot (HD, TV-PG) An angry mob trashes Frank's car when George parks it in a handicap spot; the gang splits the cost of a big screen TV for the Drake's wedding.
The King of Queens Dougie Nights (HD, TV-PG) Doug's enjoying hanging out with the singles in the clubs while he is trying to get Deacon back in the swing of things after his separation.
The Cleveland Show Back to Cool (HD, TV-14) Cleveland gets jealous when he finds out that Cleveland Jr. has bonded with Donna's ex-husband, and he tries to prove that he is actually cool.
Magma: Volcanic Disaster (TV-14, PG-13, *) It's a race against time for a team of experts to save humanity from long-dormant volcanoes that begin erupting all over the world.
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